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Deng ZhiWei

DENG Zhiwei(邓志伟)

Associate Professor

Deputy director of Institute of International and Comparative Education


Academic Background
Obtained PHD. from ECNU, Institute of International and Comparative in 2000.

Theories and methods of comparative education; comparisons of educational reforms from home and abroad; international and comparative pedagogy; the trends and thoughts of international pedagogical thoughts.

Research Interests
Comparative education; international education; teachers’ professional development; education of Europe and America; educational movies; basic education.

Published Books
1.Teacher s’ Humanistic qualities: International vision and local practice. East China Normal University Press, 2012.
2.The 15 movies a teacher must see. East China Normal University Press, 2009.
3.Internet Cultures and Curriculum Development. Anhui Education Press, 2007.
4.Multiculturalism and Curriculum Development.  Guangxi Education Press, 2007.
5.New Courses and Teachers’ Professional Development, Guangxi Education Press, 2004.
6.Personalized Teaching Theories. Shanghai Education Press, 2002.
7.World’s Education-Secondary Education. Jilin Education Press, 2000.

Published Articles
1.Values and Aims of Intercultural Education in global Era.Comparative,2013(9).
2.Research on Practice Paradigm of Teacher Professional Development School. Education Development Research, 2010(24).
3.Globalization Trends and the Transformation of Paradigms on Comparative Education Research. Studies in Foreign Education, 2010, 37(2).
4.The Connotation Construct of the Humanistic Qualities of the Teachers of Primary and Secondary School. Global Education,2008(11).
5.Critical Reflect of Teachers’ Reflective Practice ,Open Education Research, 2008(8).
6.School Development in Multi- cultural Era, Studies in Foreign Education, 2008(8).
7.Knowledge Sharing and Teacher Professional Development,Education Science 2006(4).
8.A Commentary on the Contemporary Core Knowledge Curriculum of America. Studies in Foreign Education, 2006, 33(2).

Research Projects

1.Research on schools’ self-directed development (Project Number 48050690)
2.High school curriculum reforms (Project Number48050950)
3.The development of ecological school curriculum construction (Project Number48050960)
4.Research on high quality education in junior middle school (Project Number480502000)
5.Research on training modes of primary and secondary principals (Project Number48057910).
6.Research on junior middle school’s culture construction (Project Number48057910).
7.Research on effective teaching (Project Number5F59).

Awards and Honors
In terms of his book(Personalized Teaching Theories. Shanghai Education Press, 2002. ), he received the first and second prize in the seventh and sixth Shanghai worth-reading pedagogical books respectively. In addition, he got first prize due to his research on education and science in seventh year of this award.

Professional Appointments
1.The council member of institute of comparative education.
2.The deputy director of institution of international and comparative education of ECNU.
3.The deputy director of inclusive education research center.
4.The advisor and planning officer of many high schools.
5.The deputy director of Kashi Area Bureau of Education of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.