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Shen Zhangming

SHEN Zhangming(沈章明)


Institute of International and Comparative Education


Chinese textbook research, Selective Readings for Educational Classics

Research Field
The Chinese curriculum and teaching theory; Classical Chinese literature; Educational philosophy

Main Dissertations
The Value of Knowledge and Transformation of Modern Education, 2 issue, 2014 of Jinanghuai Tribune
Jian Weiqiao’s Crisis of Confidence, 5 issue 2014of Jianghuai Journal of Literature and History
Wanli Fifteen Years of Moral Crisis, 7 issue, 2014 of Moral Education China.
Moral Education Should Emphasize the Cultivation of the Spirit, 43 issue, 2014 of Jiangsu Education
Try to Discuss Speech Acts of Educational Field, 11 issue, 2012 of Global Education
The Poem Teaching Tradition and Teachers’Professional Development, 11 issue, 2012 of Global Eduction
To learn human society by Poem, 5 issue of 2012 The Knowledge of Classical Literature
The Study of the Rhyme Prose of the Han Dynasty of Dramatic Factors,  5 issue, 2012 0f Journal of Liaocheng University (social sciences edition)
Discuss SuShi poetry of artistic expression, 5 issue, 2012 0f Journal of southwest university for nationalities  (Humanities and social sciences);
Doctrines of the Saints Are Not All in Books——The Study of the Usage of Allusion in SuShi’s Poems, 4 issue, 2012 0f Academics
To Looke at the Mountains or to Meet the Mountains, 11 issue, 2012 of Chinese Literature and History
Yin and Yang Class Schedule Test Headmaster of Curriculum Leadership, China Education Daily in 10th of May, 201
The Rights of Parents,Not only in Supervision, China Education Daily in 16th of Nov, 2011
On the Meanings of Cultural History about SuXun, 3 issue of 2010 The Knowledge of Classical Literature
SuXun has Examination for the First Time in Eighteen, 5 issue of 2009 Literary Heritage
Some Problems of Collecting, Printing and Spreading, 7 issue, 2009 The Classical Literature Research
SuXun Research Summary since the 20th century, 5 issue of 2007 Literary Heritage

Scientific Research Projects
“People in Qing dynasty collect, notes, punctuate and annotate and research for collection of poems of Song dynasty”, Ministry of education of the youth fund projects since February of 2012 (participation);
“Traditional culture and textbook- A comparative study of Asian countries traditional culture education”, Ministry of education of social science research project planning funds, Since 2010, The subproject” traditional culture and Chinese textbook” of principal;
“Family-school “Collaboration and Chinese curriculum reform” , School of educational science of Youth fund from Sep, 2010 to Sep, 2011;
“High school academic exploration and research of the reading process”, The key subject from Jiangsu education instituted from Feb, 2008 to Jan, 2010 (participation).