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IICE学术报告| Teacher-student relationships:an interpersonal perspective

发布日期: 2019-06-10   浏览次数 569






Teacher-student relationships:an interpersonal perspective












                               Theo Wubbels 教授




Theo Wubbels is the Professor Emeritus of Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

He was President of the European Educational Research Association (EERA), council member of the World Educational Research Association (WERA), a.o. president of the Dutch Program Council for Educational Research, program leader for improvement of teacher education for the Netherlands Association of Universities.

His main research interests developed in his career from the pedagogy of physics education, via problems and supervision of beginning teachers and teaching and learning in higher education to studies of learning environments and especially interpersonal relationships in education.








Teacher-student relationships are an important factor in effective learning environments. This lecture will cover findings of a research program that studied for more than thirty-five years teacher-student relationships and will situate these results in the broader knowledge base on teacher-student relationships. I will summarise the interpersonal perspective on the study of teaching and introduce instruments to measure perceptions of the teacher-student relationship and teacher-student interactions. Based on the preferences of the audience I will then present anddiscuss a selection of results on for example the associations of teacher-student relationships and student outcomes, student engagement andstudent goals, changes in the teacher-student relationships over time and developments during the teaching career, common teacher problems in therelationships with their classes, building positive and negative teacher-student relationships, destroying positive relationships, teacher-student relationships in student centred environments, teacher education foreffective teacher-student relationships, etc. A small section will report on acomparison of interaction between teachers and students in China and the Netherlands.





Institute of International and Comparative Education,ECNU


College of Teacher Education, ECNU


Young Scholars Association in Faculty of Education, ECNU